Youth Green Jobs Summit

April 12th, 2019


Photo of August Ball

August M. Ball

Founder/CEO, Cream City Conservation

With over 14 years of youth program management experience and 9 years of helping local and national organizations, such as the Student Conservation Association, US Forest Service, Americorps and Milwaukee County Parks develop environmental programs that are culturally relevant and inclusive; August has connected thousands of youth and young adults to hands-on service to public lands, outdoor recreation and first-time employment experiences. As the founder of Cream City Conservation, she cultivates the next generation of land stewards by introducing and training traditionally underrepresented teens and young adults in ecological careers.

Photo of Fidel Verdin

Fidel Verdin

Co-Executive Director of True Skool

Fidel is an award-winning artist and educator born in Milwaukee, WI. He is the Co-Executive Director of TRUE Skool, whose mission is to use Hip Hop Culture & Creative Arts as tools to engage youth in social justice leadership, education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Along with the City of Milwaukee and network partners, Fidel has led youth driven, green space developments like “The Peace Park & Garden” and the “Martin Luther King Jr Peace Place”; both spaces are former vacant lots located in the Harambee neighborhood now turned into vibrate public attractions for art, education, urban ag and community service.

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The U.N. Climate Report warns we now have less than 12 years to make active changes before the damage we have done to our earth is irreversible. Hear first hand how young people are taking bold moves to save our planet!

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